Mission of Awareness, Advocacy & Action.

Welcome to Anchor Project

“Virginia is for lovers” is an iconic slogan used in Commonwealth of Virginia which is known all over the world. Virginia is famous for secret spots and hidden gems, beautiful scenery and is a great vacation destination for travelers but like many other states, Virginia also has an unsettling issue.

It ranks 15th in the nation of reported cases for human trafficking. Human trafficking is in every state and in every community.

We are here to help transform our states response to trafficking and exploitation.

Mission Statement

Our mission strongly believes in the 5 Ps of human trafficking:

Prevention, Protection, Prosecution, Policy, and Partnership.

We are a movement of advocates, action takers and community changers working together to eliminate human trafficking from Virginia by raising public awareness, collaborating with stakeholders, introducing innovative solutions, lobbying, promoting legislative action and civic engagement.

Our Process

Support Agencies

Support and assist law enforcement agencies, medical communities, and school districts to expand their knowledge and expertise to prevent human trafficking.

Support Victims

Support and provide victims of trafficking with proper recourses on their recovery journey.

Lobby for Change

Lobby for law and policy changes to better protect our communities from domestic trafficking, exploitation and help bring perpetrators to justice.

Raise Awareness

Raise public awareness on how to spot trafficking, how the use of social media harms children and young adults and the long-term impact that can result from online exploitation.

Lynda Harlos, Dedicated Advocate & Volunteer for Anchor Project